Social Responsibility

Sushia Izakaya and Sushia Sushi Roll & Fresh Bar are a part of the Elleo Group, Australia. A core value of the Elleo Group is being socially responsible and supporting those in need.

The Elleo Group is partnering with Australia’s most committed child advocacy organisation, Compassion, to alleviate poverty for approximately 250 children in flood ravaged Burayou, Ethiopia.

In this harsh country, water is scarce in the dry season and rain can last for weeks in the wet season. In recent years, the cycle of drought and flood has become even more extreme. The sheer volume and intensity of rainfall is now causing severe environmental degradation and damage to the integrity of buildings, endangering many lives.

Burayou is home to approximately 120,000 people; most living in mud or adobe homes and working as day labourers or subsistence farmers. The region is prone to poverty with high incidence of HIV/AIDS and, even though there are health facilities in the region, many residents lack the funds or transportation to use them.

Against this backdrop, Compassion is at work with the help of partners such as the Elleo Group building retention walls, drainage ditches and engaging in intense reforestation programmes to help rehabilitate land and prevent further damage. Compassion also runs training workshops with the villagers, educating them on prevention and mitigation measures.



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