Health benefits of sushi

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Japanese are among the healthiest people in the world due to their diet rich in raw fish, vegetable and rice. In saying that sushi is one of the most traditional dishes in the Japanese cuisine. However, there is a misconception around the health benefits of sushi which we will try to clarify here.

Traditional Japanese sushi has amazing health benefits, raw fish is full of Omega 3 which is good for your heart and circulation. Rice is a staple of the Japanese food and it is also gluten-free. It is a great font of energy and provides a good source of protein. The rice is prepared with rice vinegar which contains antibacterial properties.

A real sushi experience is never completed without wasabi. Its rich in vitamin C, its formulations contains compounds that can be beneficial on the prevention of tooth decay as it has antibacterial properties. It could also prevent blood cloths when consumed frequently.

Another extremely popular flavour enhancer in this cuisine is the Ginger. Although it is used to clean the palate, it contains therapeutic effects and is also believed to protect against respiratory disorders and colds. It is a natural antiseptic and contains antioxidant compounds.

Accompanied by sushi is the soy sauce, which is produced by fermented soya beans. Although presents some health benefits such as protection against cancer and cardiovascular disease, soy sauce is rich in salt and sodium which in excess can cause harm.

In order to keep a healthy diet it is important to always include some vegetables to your meal planning. The real Japanese cuisine is free of other sauces and fattening ingredients.



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