Its sashimi time!

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Sashimi is one of the healthiest dishes in the world. Thin slices of raw fish meticulously plated, and at times cured or marinated lightly with soy sauce or alcohol to season the fish and preserve it. Sashimi is meticulously prepared and served to make your mouth water.

Fresh fish full of flavour and health benefits. The most common variety of fish used for sashimi are tuna, salmon, mackerel and yellowtail.

Many Japanese dishes contain omega-3 fatty acids. From tuna to mackerel, the various types of sashimi variety of fish served are loaded with omega-3, which carries numerous health benefits like reducing the risk of cancer, an improved cardiovascular system and lower cholesterol.

Sashimi are a great source of protein. Most sashimi dishes, depending on the type of seafood being eaten, are great sources of protein that are low in saturated fat.

Most Japanese dishes are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Calcium and vitamin D are just two examples of the many vitamins and nutrients typically found.

Wanting to keep a healthy balanced diet? Don’t forget to include some Japanese dishes on your weekly menu.



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