Why Our World Would End If Japanese Food Disappeared

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Japanese food is famous across the world and well received by many cultures. But how much would we be affected if Japanese food disappeared? Well, I can guarantee mayonnaise lovers would be grieving. Japanese mayonnaise or ‘Kewpie’, is the most desired mayonnaise of all times. Its smooth complexion and soft flavour is a must with Japanese food. If they were to disappear, food wouldn’t be as tastier as it is.

The lightness of the food and the impeccable presentation of dishes would be much missed by many! The perfection of the sashimi slices and sushi rolls would be a great loss if Japanese food disappeared. Sushi has been the best dish of all times and it is a staple to the Japanese food culture, also well-known around the world.

The best winter partner would be irreplaceable. Japanese famous Udon and Ramen dishes are the go to dishes during winter to warm you up. What other dish would be packed with so much flavour and warmth to replace them?

Surely some people wouldn’t miss the chopsticks as it is a challenge for a lot of people. However, it is part of the traditional Japanese culture to indulge in a delicious fresh sashimi with the wooden sticks.

Our lives would never be same without the food and tradition of the Japanese culture.



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