Why should you go tempura?

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A very traditional dish in Japan are the vegetables and seafood tempura. Tempura are lightly battered pieces of either vegetables or seafood, served mainly as main dishes.

This particular dish is served with either udon or soba noodles or rice bowls. Traditionally served with dipping sauce, tempura dishes are a staple to Japanese cuisine.

It is a unique type of fried food for its light weight and its delightful flavours. Tempura as we mentioned above, is lightly battered, it does not use bread crumbs as the usual deep fried food, and hence why it’s a light meal. The batter is made of whisked egg, flour and cold water.

Tempura became so popular in the past decade that now even sushi rolls have incorporated this amazing piece of art into their recipes. Not to mention, it also has its international day being the 7th of January and is celebrated by the Japanese around the globe.



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