Why your sushi never works out the way you planned

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Japanese food is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Experimenting Japanese food at home can be a huge success or a massive failure. But why it is so hard to make the perfect rice and roll the sushi without having all the bits and pieces falling apart?

Cooking Japanese food is a delicate process. The rice must be perfectly cooked and seasoned to have that stick consistency. The first step is to use the right rice. It is very common to see amateur cooks using rice that is not appropriate for sushi. Polished short-grain Japonica rice is the way to go.

After cooking the rice the way you assemble the sushi needs extra attention, not to forget the selection of fish being just as important as the selection of the rice. The fish must be fresh and cut in reasonable slices to fit the purpose.

Any ingredients you want to add in the sushi, such as avocado and cucumber, must be sliced thinly so it is easy to assemble and easy to bite.

After putting all the ingredients together and rolling the sushi, it crucial that you have a sharp knife to finish the job. Blind knives can be the reason why your sushi is falling apart when you slice them.

If after all these tips your sushi still not quite right, you can always choose to do a deconstructed sushi or sushi tacos



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